350 chevy engine/ 62 continental


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350 chevy engine/ 62 continental

I am working on this car and don't know what I'm doing. I have the vin #, but does anyone know how to find out whether I need to know what type of chevy it came out of? HELP!!!!
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We don't know what you're doing either. Why don't you tell us?
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My dad bought the car from a chick that worked for him, she's an airhead, and now I am responsible to pick up where she left off. All I know right now is the power steering hose is busted and the thing wont run. It was running two weeks ago and when the power steering went out the airhead pulled off more than the power steering hose.

I need the car running, but I don't even know what the power steering hose looks like. I was looking for parts online and came across a feild that required the type of vehicle the engine belongs to. That's the run down so far. I think I have bigger problems, but this one was right in front of me. So Yeah, any suggestions?
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You will have to custom make the power steering hose because the 1962 Lincloln never came with a Chevy 350.
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You have a Ford car with a Chevy engine? That's an add combination....
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It's a Lincoln Continental with a chevy engine dropped into it. Is that supposed to be impossible or something? I've seen smaller cars with large engines, that didn't come with the car.

Can't I just buy a hose for the engine and assume that the connection to the car will work?
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Originally Posted by Melissam
Can't I just buy a hose for the engine and assume that the connection to the car will work?
That's the problem
You need to find out which power steering pump is on the engine, and which steering rack is on the car
You may even need some #s of them
That will help you find the proper hose

If your looking at an autozone-type online parts place you won't find what you are looking for
You may even have to fab something
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You might try a Ford pump or better yet put the Ford engine back in that classic and the car would be worth more.
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Big ford

I would put the 430 CI engine back in it but that is just me.Good luck on your classic Ford.
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I can't see any possible benefit to putting a Chevy motor in a Ford. Sounds like an awful lot of work and modification to make it fit. Good luck buying anything for that car. You'll never know what to order for.

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