Horn Keeps Going Off


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John Dillon
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Horn Keeps Going Off

The horn on my 91 Mazda Protege has gone off on its own twice in the last two days. Both time this happened with the keys out of the ignition. The 1st time it went off after I shut one of the car doors. The second time it went off with nobody around it...it was just parked in the driveway.

I did have a new horn put in a few years ago after the first horn stopped working, but until now haven't had any problems.

Any suggestions on how to fix. I'm worried it will go off with nobody around and run down the battery.
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John Dillon
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Forgot to mention that to turn the horn off I simply pushed the horn in for a second.
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You don't mention where you live or if you have an airbag but sometimes the airbag module goes bad and can cause this symptom.
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Same thing happened to my car in cold weather. I think there was a short somewhere and the cold weather made it expand and go off. In any event, you may want to check that the horn switch and relay are both OK. These are 2 major components to the entire horn assembly. Replacing the relay completely may not be a bad idea since they are so cheap and you would be able to eliminate it as a possible problem.

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