Acura Legend Check Engine


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Acura Legend Check Engine


I have an 88 Legend, 2.7L V6. After I drive it for about 10 mins or so, the check engine light comes on. The car seems to run fine--no hesitation, no loss of power. When I shut the car off, even just for a second, and then start it again, the light is off for another 10 mins or so, then on again.

I picked up a booklet that is supposed to tell me how to read the error codes coming from the ECU (the computer), which flashes an LED to spell out numeric codes. The only thing the LED does is flash once, constantly and rhythmically with no breaks. This is when the engine is running and at temp, with or without the check engine light on.

According to the book, a "one" code would correspond to an oxygen sensor or circuit, on the ECU.

I suspect that I may have either a bad oxygen sensor, or a bad ECU (due to the fact that the LED flashes constantly).

Any ideas on how to figure this out on the cheap?

THanks in advance!
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I'm not familiar with how the codes are read on an Acura, but re-read your procedures to make sure the engine is supposed to be running. Reading check engine codes is generally done with the key on and engine off (KOEO). Usually you jumper a couple of pins on the test connector and then turn the key to the "on" position to read the check engine light flashes. A light that flashes in a constant, rhythmic series would not be an accurate reading I suspect.

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