Suspension problem or bad tire on 93 Tbird


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Suspension problem or bad tire on 93 Tbird

Anyone have any ideas on why my TBird is acting the way it is? I have a slight pull to the right when I am coasting at about any speed, but especially more noticeable at higher speeds. I have had the front end aligned and they did find the right front out quite a bit. But supposedly, that has been corrected. I have also had the brakes done and they found no problems with the calipers and slides. Could a bad tire be the culprit? Thanks!
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Yes, it can be. If the tires arent directional, trying switching the fronts left to right to see if the pull is still there.

If you just had it aligned and are not satisfied, take it back and make them do it again until it is correct. That is what you paid for.
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Depending on how long it was out the tire could have worn funny also
(and now it's "bad")
Try the left/right switch like pt_fixer says and see what happens
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Also check tire pressure with a GOOD guage.

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