'95 Dodge Ram 1500, loose steering, poor traction.


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Mr. St. Louis
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'95 Dodge Ram 1500, loose steering, poor traction.

I have two seperate (but possibly related) issues. First, I can't seem to keep my truck from "wandering" left or right. Yes, there is a little play in the wheel, but it's more than that. Holding the wheel steady (especially at highway speeds) it will suddenly go left or right. When I correct it, it goes the other way. Now that winter has come i'm getting nervous about slippery roads and losing control. I have spent about $1500.00 trying to correct the problem, but nothing seems to help. So far I have (in order): had an alignment done, replaced the steering stabilizer, replaced the shocks (front AND rear), replaced the gear box, had it adjusted, replaced the traveler bar. I've had it to the dealer twice, and to a local mechanic more times than I can remember. I'm at my wit's end. Second, I have really poor traction on slippery roads. I have oversized tires (LT 285 75 R16), but at the suggestion of my mechanic, I lowered the pressure to 30 pounds in the front, and 25 in the back. I also have 260 pounds of sand over the rear wheels. Help!!
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Check the universal joint in the steering column (between the firewall and gear box) for excessive play. I dont know if it was for your year, but I'm pretty sure there was a recall, or at least a service bulletin, for that joint.
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Mr. St. Louis
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I tried to get some movement out of it but it seems pretty tight, no jiggle at all. I did notice a lot more play in the wheel than I originally thought, however. About 20 degrees worth. I'm starting to wonder if the gear box I put in might be faulty.

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