1998 Cavalier Wheel Bearing????


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1998 Cavalier Wheel Bearing????

I have a 1998 Cavalier. 2.4L, Automatic, 4 door.

I started getting a loud groaning noise when I was turning left. Now the car makes the noise while driving striaght. It gets louder as the car goes faster and seems to stop when the break is applied. I diagnosed it as a bad front left wheel bearing, I just needed another opinion before I tried to replace it.

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Did you check the CV joint?
That was my first thought
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I just replaced them a while ago, and I dont get the slow popping when turning. That's why I didn't think it was a CV joint. I am going home on monday and I will check those first. My fear is that it is the transmission or the differential, but the car makes the exact same noise when it is nutruel. I have to get the transmission flushed soon anyways, I am at 83,000 miles and I don't trust the "never needs to be changed" transmission fluid.
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I had almost the exact same symptoms on a Chrysler Sebring. Replacing the wheel bearings fixed the problem. I would do both sides at the same time. The other one can't be far behind.
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alright I am going to replace the bearings. Does anyone know if the bearings on a Cavalier are factory sealed. I am just asking because chevy likes to seal up everything else on the car.
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yes they are. they are one complete unit called hub assembly.
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alright, I tracked down a couple of hub assymblies. I was just wondering are these realtivly easy to replace? I have only done serviceable wheel bearings before.
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If you find out how to replace them please let me know i have the same problem.
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Ask and you shall receive:


I suspect the original poster has it fixed by now; hopefully this helps you, alster.

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