pulsateing brakes


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Question pulsateing brakes

brakes were working fine put new pads on now when brakes are applied left front skids on wet pavement gravel snow ect. it had never done this before. when i take abs fuse out it doesnt pulsate or slide when applying brakes. i believe sensors are ok no lights on dash when fuse in does this sound like a caliper problem? pads and rotors are new. ty for any help
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First, I would make sure the ABS sensor is plugged in at the wheel. Did you turn or replace the rotors when you did the pads? This should be done every time the pads are replaced. Rotors distort slightly over time. The old pads were worn to the shape of the rotor. The new ones are not. If you can live with it it might get a little better but won't go away. I wouldn't think there would be anything wrong with the caliper if it worked fine before the pads were done. Good luck!

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