prizim/corolla odometer fraud?


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prizim/corolla odometer fraud?

While car shopping I recently looked at a '99 corolla 5-speed with less than 40K and a '00 prizim w/ automatic and 57K. Both have digital odometers and I believed neither. How is this data stored? How easy is it to tamper with these? If the data is stored in the computer, a junkyard computer swap will easily lower the miles, correct?

The corolla was white (classic fleet color) with a radio and ac as the only options. It looked like it had seen a lot of use. I imagined some medical lab running urine samples around town 24/7 for 5 years in the car. The pebble texture on the shifter was worn off and all three pedal covers showed a lot of wear. The carpet under the brand new after-market floor mats was in good shape and looked original. The pedal covers showed much more wear than those on my Taurus with 151K.

The prizim also had after market floor mats. The metal brake pedal showed through the cover in the lower right. I passed on this one too for a variety of reasons.

Maybe the plastic used on these cars is just very soft. Does anyone know? Generally, how should I know when to believe the odometer/ seller?
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The mileage is stored in the speedo head.

It could be done by using a junkyard speedo.
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thanks toyotaman

what about pedal cover and shifter wear as indicators of a higher milage car. do you think I was too untrusting?
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Thumbs up Untrusting???????????

Hell your an excellant observer!!! If anything elastomeric materials have gotten BETTER over the years as opposed to worse. Your assumptions are right-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably high mileage roll-backs!
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Carfax is a good source of info regarding mileage etc.
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Were both of these cars at the same dealer? I wouldnt automatically suspect mileage fraud. I would ask very specific questions about the previous owners or the vehicles use in its past life. It is very possible that the shifter knob is worn because someone couldnt keep their right hand off of it. I used to drive a 5 speed Camaro and my right hand was always on the shifter handle regardless of what type of driving I was doing. It was just what was comfortable for me in that car. As far as the pedals, I have seen relatively new cars with the pedals covers worn off. This also depends on the previous occupants. Maybe someone who rode the pedals. In comparison how did the gas pedal look?
But if you want to be 100% sure then Carfax will let you know what the actual mileage is or was when it was registered and if there are any other concers with the car. If the speedo head was replaced by a reputable shop then there should be a sticker on the door jamb that will tell you that this has been done. If it aint there and there is a descrepancy with Carfax then you have grounds to report fraud.
Hope this helps,

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