Buick died while running. Could it be the battery?


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Buick died while running. Could it be the battery?

Last night, my 1997 Buick LeSabre was dead in my driveway. No lights, no power locks, no nothing. Just a haunting beeping sound coming from what seemed like the right underside of the dashboard. Nothing happened when I turned the key. I got a jump and it started right up. I made the poor decision of driving to the grocery store where it died again, but this time the power came on for a second and the engine started to crank a tiny bit before it died. I jumped it again and it started right up. Sounds like the battery, right?

Well, it started up fine this morning. When I was leaving work for lunch, I let the car run for a few minutes. And, while it was running, the car just died, but the power didn't go off. I was able to restart it and drive around with no problem. Now I'm not so sure it's the battery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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check your alternator and the voltage regulator sound like it not chatging. also check your battery cable and ground


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Also check for corrosion around the battery terminals. Remove the terminals because corrosion might only be where the terminals contact the battery. Have the battery and charging system tested.
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Have the battery tested and have the codes checked for problems first.If the battery is as old as the car put a new equivilent battery in.Larger cold cranking amps battery would be fine but don't go smaller to save money.Do check for corrosion as mentioned and loose connections.It is possible that you have more than 1 problem at this time,we will sort it out.

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