Vibration in 2004 Mazda MPV


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Exclamation Vibration in 2004 Mazda MPV

We took our Mazda MPV in to the dealer for the 1st oil change (4,000 miles). As I drove off, I noticed that it ran rougher & that there was a slight vibration in the steering & cabin. Took it back to the dealer & was told it is normal vibration. I had the wheels balanced twice, with no change.

It runs rougher at all speeds, but the slight vibration is especially annoying on the hands feel slightly numb after a 30 minute drive. It idles smoothly in Park & Neutral. However, I've slipped the car into Neutral as I'm driving & the vibration is still there.

The dealer is going to do something to the transmission on my next visit, but I've already made several visits & they don't seem too eager to find the problem...I can tell they're just humoring me at this point.

Any ideas?
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It's normal to have vibration after an oil change??? You might have to start going up the chain of command on this since they aren't very eager to help you. Let them know you want it fixed and check into the lemon law for your state and keep records of how often you have had to take it back, how much time the car was in the shop, etc.

There was a similar problem here recently. Check it out if you haven't read it already:
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They aren't acknowledging any 'real' vibration. I plan to have the mechanic ride with me in the car, and if he still says it's normal we'll have to go for a spin in a new van on the lot to feel the difference.

I'm still wondering what could have happened in the space of an hour to cause the van to run rougher & vibrate.

Thanks for your reply.
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You're on the right track. If they are dimissing your problem without having ridden in it you may have to prepare to go up the chain as jeff suggests. I like the idea of jumping right out of your vehicle and into another new one for a side by side comparison. I would NOT take along for the rides anyone lower on the ladder than the service manager himself. For sure don't settle for having a service "advisor" do the ride-along. If you've made numerous visits without satisfaction, and considering the $$$ you spent for the vehicle, I think they owe you a little more attention and asking the service manager to do the ride-along would not be out of line. That's why he makes the big bucks.

If all you had was the oil change it IS a little puzzling; be sure to post back results of future visits.
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The first thing I would do is check for any vacuum leaks. There could be something that got knocked loose by that young lube tech or even the older more "experienced" tech who dont give a squat. Thats what it sounds like to me.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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My appt is next Thursday. I'll definately post the results. One minor (?) detail is that they reset the CEL because we had left the gas cap off. Other than that, it was a basic oil change.

Thanks for all the input. I'll definately have them check the vacuum lines.

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