1995 Corsica: Loss of Power ~ Back Fire ~ Trouble Starting


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Exclamation 1995 Corsica: Loss of Power ~ Back Fire ~ Trouble Starting

Hi... Can you please help me with my 1995 Chevy Corsica? Lately (past several weeks) it's been not wanting to start, it back fires now, very poor gas mileage, on Tuesday of this week the tailpipe came apart and now my car is very loud (it didn't fall completely off, just broke off under the middle of car). Also when I put the car into drive and try to go it doesn't want to move, it only goes about 40 mph max. and if there's an incline in the road, forget it, my car does only 10-15 mph. Someone mentioned to me this week that it could be: the O2 Sensor, EGR Valve, Transmission or a head gasket problem. I honestly don't know what it is and with Christmas next week I don't have money to take it to an Auto Body Repair Shop. Can you please help? If you need anymore info on my car please let me know, I'll be happy to give it to you. Thanks!!
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Take a look at your cat converter, see if it gets red hot. A clogged converter would lead to the problems you describe.
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Corsica problems

The problems you are describing could be a clogged convertor, but cars w/clogged convertors usually start ok and run ok at RPM, but have nothing over 2000rpms. The way to test the convertor is to hook a vacuumm pump to the engine while it's running and watch the gauge. It should be about 20 on the vaccuumm gauge. Now you slowly bring the engine rpm's up and if the vacuumm continues to drop as the engine goes faster and faster it's a pretty good sign your cat is bad.
My suspision would be the Timing Belt or Chain. I'm not sure what you have. If you have any way to check the engines timing that would be a good place to start. If you can access the belt/chain there are usually marks that should line up and if the belt/chain slipped then the marks will never line up. Refer to a service manual to find out what you have and how to check it.
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a restricted exhuast system usually it is restricted in the catylitic convertor but could be elsewhere any exhuast shop can do a back pressure test on the exhuast system to see if it is restricted which would cause the problems you describe and can even cause a no start condition if bad enough.
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You say it's backfiring. That not usually a symptom of a plugged exhaust. That usually indicates a problem with the ignition because it's caused by a buildup of fuel without ignition which suddenly gets ignition back. Could be bad wires, coil pack or crossed wires.
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i would have the coil packs or the ignition coil tested.. or i just repaire da 93 with simiar problems and found a bad ignition coil and a plugged converter. i would check both
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I can almost guarantee its the coil pack, had the same problem with my old Cosica.....This seems to be an older post, if you get this message let me know if it was the coil pack....Thanks

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