'97 Plymouth Grand Voyager Transmission


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Question '97 Plymouth Grand Voyager Transmission

I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to car issues, so sorry if I don't have all the terminology, but we've had this recurring problem for about 3 years now and would like to get some input. We apparently have a transmission fluid leak. We have had it into 2 different shops about 4 times. We've had seals (?) replaced but this does not seem to help. Basically, when first started, the automatic transmission will not shift into drive until we gun the accelarator and then, boom, we're in. This may happen twice and then the car warms up and we're good the rest of the day. It never gets any worse than that. I have noticed that if the car is on an incline it seems to have lost a little more fluid than normal. We add transmission fluid which helps for a time. The only thing that seems to make a real difference is having the transmission fluid flushed and refilled which relieves the problem for a month or two. Many of my friends have had to replace their transmissions on these vans, yet no one we've talked to seems to think we have to do that yet. Any thoughts? Will this eventually ruin our transmission?
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If your leak is fron the pan gasket, NAPA auto sells a reusable gasket, it is a combo of bubber and metal, I reuse mine about 5 times, then get a new one. I change fluid in my van 2 times a year. Also, make sure that the tranny itself has not been gouged along where the pan meets the tranny itself. As far as the slippage, make sure you are using ATF +3 fluid only, if not, you will have problems. These are just quick fixes to look at.

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