Fuel filter on 99 Caravan


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Fuel filter on 99 Caravan

The girlfriends dad wants me to throw a new fuel filter on his 99 caravan; just wondering if anyone knows how difficult a job this is off hand to save me from putting it up on jackstands to find that i don't have the equipment to handle it...i've done inline fuel filter swaps before so it's not new to be just wondering how this differs...never been under a caravan before

thanks all.
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Gotta drop the gas tank to swap, it is in the tank.
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really? cause midas told him it was above the tank, inline?
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I have a 95 and changing the fuel filter is relatively simple - no jack stands needed. Of course, Dodge may have changed the location of the filter on the 99. On the 95, it's inline, underneath the van on the right-hand side, about midway between the right front and right rear tires, under the passenger side sliding door.

The filter is attached by two clamps on either end - very easy to remove and replace. Tip: make sure you have a container under the filter before removing it to catch the small amount of fuel that will leak from the line and filter.
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it is above the gas tank as you were told it isnt that hard to change you will have to remove one of the gas tank straps I believe it is a 15 mm bolt and has a bolt holding the filter on to the tank that is 10mm if i remeber correctly the fuel filter uses quick release fittings that can usually be released by hand but a pair of needle nose pliers helps sometimes to get the clips released. so if you have a metric socket set , ratchet, extension, and jack and stands you shouldnt have any problem changing the filter.
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My '99 Voyager, it was in the tank, yes, il-line with the pump, I had to drop the tank as I also changed strainer sock.

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