Ford Explorer Transmission??


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Question Ford Explorer Transmission??

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer with 4.0, automatic and four wheel drive. When it is under a load such as pulling a hill or pulling my boat it has a jerking that feels like the engine is missing. The plugs, plug wires, and cam sensor have been replaced which seemed to eliminate the problem for a few weeks. My mechanic has completely gone through the engine and can find nothing. He now tells me that it is probably transmission related. Naturally he doesn’t do auto trans work. Anyone have any ideas or has anyone experienced this problem.
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If the problem went away with changing the plugs and wires are the coil towers corroded?I would change the coils and wires again if the problem left with the wire change.When a misfire occurs due to a connection problem both damaged components need replaced together or a repeat failure will result.You said it was fine for a couple of weeks which is typical for a carbon tracking problem.That leads me to beleive it was the coil end causing the problem.If what I suspect is true don't just replace the coils,replace the wires again also.Even if they are only 2-3 weeks old.
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Thanks Davo, It sounds like an ignition problem to me to. Would the coil and or wires not show up on diagnostics though? My guy has run diagnostics on it since the problem resurfaced and found nothing wrong.
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Red face Davo

I did a stupid thing today. I put windshield washer fluid in the antifreeze reservoir. Naturally I noticed my error when putting the cap back on. Okay, my mind was elsewhere, what can I say... So, I figured I should get the 2002 Explorer to any shop that could flush it. The question is should I have it towed or is it safe to drive for 3-5 miles. My best guess as to the amount of the washer juice in the anti freeze is equiv to 3/4 of the main reservoir. I'd really appreciate any feedback from the pro's. Thanks a lot.

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