Defective NEW CV shaft


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Defective NEW CV shaft

Just a quick technical note and if any of the pros have seen this, speak up. Was replacing both of the half-shafts on my wife's '95 Camry (2.2L, AT) this morning (Sunday). Had picked up the parts a few days ago from our regular parts house. Got the old shafts out (LH side removal is a PITA due to the internal retaining ring). Went to put the left shaft in and it would only go in part way. Figured the retainer clip was just holding it up. Tapped on the shaft a few times to get it to go all the way in. NADA. Pulled it back out and rechecked the retainer to make sure it didn't have a burr or something. Tried again, no dice. Pulled it out, took the retainer off and sanded it lightly. Tried again, still negative. Yanked it out, removed retainer ring and tried it without. Still won't go in; this is weird. Wrong shaft? Losing my mind? Finally looked closely at the splines on the shaft only to discover that the splined portion between the end of the shaft and retainer ring groove did not line up with the splines past the ring groove. They were off by perhaps 1/3 of the width of the teeth. Keep in mind this is a Sunday morning, parts house is closed, and I have to get this done. Resorted to my trusty dremel tool to remove the offending portions of the teeth that didn't align (no berating me for this drastic step - it worked, the retainer ring was still solidly anchored, the teeth I ground down do not engage anything once the shaft is seated, and I anticipate no problems).

Question: Anyone ever seen this before?

Comment: When you buy your cv axle shafts eyeball the shaft ends to make sure the splines line up.
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Good story
I liked the plot twist at the end
I really thought this was going to be a BFH ending
I was glad it was not such a formulaic ending
The dremel really is one of my favorite heros and I was glad to see him save the day
Nice moral/lesson of the day at the end

However some questions about the villan remain
I hope I don't have to wait for the sequel to find out
Were the offending half-shafts Toyota replacements or A/Z-Adv-P/B units?
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Nice fix, tow guy. I have seen this only once before, many years ago, on an axle from a Dodge dealer.

And I would like to add, inspect ALL parts before you buy them. 'New' does not mean that it is 'Good'. I cant count how many new parts I have gotten that were defective.
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What I STILL can't figure out is HOW it got that way. I mean, you would think the splines would be machined in one pass; how the heck could the two segments of essentially the same machined spline be misaligned???

Not a Toyota part (also not "new", obviously). The supplier is "ARI" from a major parts house (NAPA/CarQuest/etc). Won't mention the name. These were replacements for ones I replaced about three years ago which had outter boots fail (both sides) and that the parts house is going to warranty. Otherwise I probably would have run out to one of the other places that's open on Sundays and just gotten another shaft to stick in and have returned the defective one.
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i may be missing something...

...but anyways. definately a good finesse job by TTG! my two cents worth...if i understood your description correctly...would you say that the splines at the end (from the retaining ring groove to the tip) didn't line up with the splines that go the rest of the way up the nose of the outer joint? if so, here's one thing i've seen. i've seen axles break at that very point where the ring groove is machined in which wasn't noticed during the removal of the axle...which in turn made it impossible to install the reman axle all the way in to lock the ring in place. we ended up removing the transaxle to get the piece out of it...what a hassle...and the customer didn't like the additional cost (not my decision...i just moonlight in a trans shop). my point is that if your replacement axle was slightly twisted, i'd be afraid that it could break from vibration at some point down the road (no pun intended) on my camry, no big deal...but if my wife were driving it...BIG DEAL!

this is a core issue with reman parts... what standards are used in the evaluation and repair of remanufactured parts.

anyways...enough from me...glad you got it done and happy holidays from the cold mountains of VA
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There didn't seem to be any indication that the shaft was otherwise damaged or distorted in any way. I looked at it from every angle up close and the only defect was the splines not lining up (as you correctly described them). The car is in line for replacement in 2005.

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