Testing Antifreeze


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Testing Antifreeze

I bought one of those anti-freeze testers that has a squeeze bulb which sucks up the anti-freeze from the radiator into the plastic calibrated tester for checking. Is it better to take the anti-freeze (coolant?) from the radiator itself, or from the radiator overflow container. Some mechanics say to take it directly from a warm radiator because you get a better coolant mixture and thus a more accurate reading. Some of them say it doesn't make any difference. Thanks.
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Directly from the radiator is best.
I was curious about this myself a few weeks ago, so I started checking both the reservoir and the radiator on each vehicle I worked on. I found quite a few vehicles that had good protection levels in the radiator and bad levels in the reservoir. So just testing the reservoir is not reliable.
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You have no way of knowing if someone has topped off the resovoir recently diluting the contents. What's in the radiator is what really matters.

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