89 toyota corolla


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89 toyota corolla

My 89 Toyota Corolla keeps blowing fuse--solenoid fuse, I think. Just put in new battery, when the fuse blows the car stalls, runs fine though. What else is on that circuit?

Anyone have a wiring diagram?

Mary Kay
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Does the starter work after the fuse is blown? If so, it's not the starter solenoid fuse. 1st thing is to determine which fuse it is if possible or what all isn't working after the fuse blows. Could be the fuel pump fuse. Did it ever run correctly after installing the new battery?
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Just need to know where the fuse you have to keep having to replace is located
Which "box" or if it's not with others, then where it is, and what is the position of the fuse is in the "box" if it's in one
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That sounds like the idle circuit fuel cut soleniod. Its on the "key" power circuit. Any thing that is powered when the key is in the run position.

Look around by the battery to see if you are pinching a wire some how.

Don't have that diagram, might be a black with a red stripe wire.
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89 toyota corolla fuse

Hey, guys, thanks for the replies.

I'll attempt to answer all these replies--here's what I know.

This has happened in the matter of a week.

The battery kept dying, so we charged it and husband left running for about 30 minutes. I went to turn off car, and it wouldn't stop. Scared the heck out of me. Smoke everywhere. Finally, called a friend whose husband had just started working on Toyotas. Drove it over to his shop, and it turned off okay.

The car would start, sometimes, not start others, no consistent pattern. Didn't replace battery at that time. He did replace the bolt that holds the battery on to the positive (red) cable, since it was corroded.

Then, the problem started that it would stall out at low idle speed. Car starts right up again, but always stalls when at stop lights, etc.

He looked at head gasket, that was fine. Traced it back to electrical, what he thought was the solenoid fuse. The fuse box he has replaced fuse in is located in box inside the car (driver's side). I'll look tomorrow in daylight to tell you position.

Picked it back up today, my husband had him put a new battery in since the battery charge was low. Car starts right up, runs great until you slow down. He said the starter is bad. Also there is a radiator leak and a water pump leak.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Mary Kay
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The smoke part seems like a problem....sounds like there is some melted wires some place that are shorting out blowing the fuse.

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