Seat Belt Retractor


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Seat Belt Retractor

The seat belt retractor, on the drivers side, on both my 1999 Ford Econoline 150 and 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis, do not retract fully. I can get them to retract by helping the belt along. Is there something I can do? Is this a common problem with FORD? Thanks for your help.
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my 2 cents

From past experience the only repair to seat belts is R+R the assy.I went to the dealer to get only one side for a seatbelt and was told it was only sold as a set that includes the retractor assy and the latch assy.You can make sure that something is not stuck in the belt like a piece of trash but as far as fixing it there is not much you can do.
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Those belts most likely have pretensioners built in and they can be quite expensive. The belt may be twisted inside and thats the reason it doesnt want to retract. Take any trim off that is covering the belt and see if it is twisted. If not it will probably need replacing.
Hope this helps ya,
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Don't know if yours is because of age and/or dryness, but I have an 85 S-10 that was not fully retracting the driver's belt without help. I figured that it may have something to do with the spring in the retractor and tried to figure out how to get the casing off so I could grease or oil the spring in the retractor. No luck on that. So I just stuck the wd-40 plastic extender into the thing on the sides where I figured the spring would be and sprayed the oil in there. In a few days, the seatbelt was retracting as before.

One note: this car had been driven intermittently for a year or so and had set without being driven for several months at a time.
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Originally Posted by billys68ss
Those belts most likely have pretensioners built in and they can be quite expensive.
Billy's correct on both those accounts for these Ford/Mercs
If it's not a blockage or simply stuck, you must replace it
I don't think it's a "Ford" thing...not that I've heard anyways
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