2003 Taurus Problem


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2003 Taurus Problem

I have a 2003 Taurus that has a constant battery drain problem. If I leave jumper cables attached for about 15-20min. I can get enough charge built up to start the car, but the next morning the battery will be dead again. I thought it was a bad battery but noticed a "clicking" sound coming from the fuse box panel. It sounds like a turn signal and will speed up if I open the door, turn on lights, etc... I was told that it is probably a Relay problem and would have to bring it in to the dealer to be repaired. I'm sure that the battery drain is coming from this and was hoping someone could give advice as to how to fix this without bringing it in. Thanks a million!
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Battery Drain!

Amperage Draw Test needs to be performed. (50 mil amps is the spec.) Amp meter in series at the battery. Also let the car go to sleep this means don't touch any thing for at least 1 hour. Read the Meter. If meter reads more the 50 mil amps start removing fuses(one at a time remove and re-install) and watch the meter when draw goes away this is the circuit the draw is on.
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You would need to figure out which relay or component is clicking. Is the chime working (the one that sounds if you open the door with the key in ignition)?

Until the problem is fixed, if its a relay, you could pull it out when you park the car so the battery won't drain, if thats causing the battery drainage problem. It could be that a relay is getting voltage when it shouldn't so it could be a more complex problem that you might think. If you take it to the dealer, see if they will provide you with a loaner car if your car is still under warranty. I don't know what your jump starting procedure is, but normally you hook up the cables, rev up the other car's engine a little and the car with the dead battery should start right up within a minute or 2.
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Battery Saver Relay

I think these cars have Battery Saver relays but if the GEM Module doesn't shut it off it wont work. The best thing to do if you can't afford to fix it right now is to dissconnect to battery.
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I would first fully charge and test the battery and replace if needed. Also, you should have the charging system (Alt) tested to be sure the battery is recieving a good recharge. You need good battery volts before testing anything. I have seen a lot of vehicles that relays for power door locks, lights etc will start clicking in and out when the battery voltage gets low, not enough voltage to shut off the power to the relays, then it just sucks the rest of the battery dead.

ALWAYS start with a known to be good Battery! Then if you can see /test if you still have a draw and the electrical system can be tested properly.

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That component doing the clicking is most likey the drain problem. Follow the noise to it's source. That could be a timer module for the interior lights. If that's the case, you can disconnect it until you get a new one. I would have that battery load tested also. It sounds like it's taking too long to recover.

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