93 Aerostar not enough heat


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93 Aerostar not enough heat

My van has never run hot. The guage has always shown near cold, and the heater has given just enough heat to get by. The engine runs fine, and fuel economy is fine. We're moving north, so I just installed a 192 degree thermostat,(to replace 180 degree), and had a flush and fill done @ a reputable shop. The guage shows warmer, so logically the heater should blow warmer. Once in a while it's warm, but usually it's lukewarm, just enough to keep the windshield clear.


Could my heater core be going?

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Check the Blend.

First check the heater hoses at the firewall to see if both are HOT going to the heater core. 2)Check the blend door and make sure it closing off competely.

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