2003 cougar wont idle


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Question 2003 cougar wont idle

my daughter has a 2000 mercury cougar v-6 2.5L.
in the last few days the idle has really become "rough".
today it wouldn't stay running. when i got there to check it out
i found the light on and battery dead (she was saying as part of the symptoms that the speedometer was rising to max and then returning to zero)
i jumped it and got it going but here's what happens
starts fine. idle goes to 2000 - 3000 rpm for about 6 seconds and then slows down to about 400 - 600 rpm and the engine "shakes" i drove it around the block and it runs fine except for not idleing. we do have an extended warranty with deductable. i just wondered if it may be something that might cost less than the $100.00 that the deducable is.

thanks for any input
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$100.00 ?

Check for vacuum leaks? If not it could be Idle Air Control Solenoid or a Mass Air Flow Sensor. Both would cost more than a $100.00. Take in and have it checked.
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9 out of 10 times we find the fault with this symptom on Fords to be the IAC (Idle Air Control) Soliniod. The other 5 percent of the time it is the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. The additional 5 percent is something else. TPS, low voltage, vauum leak etc. Once the Throttle body was Icing over. Do you live where it gets cold? I don't know the $'s since I do fleet work, but we don't even bother testing the IAC's anymore in our shop, just replace them after checking the basics. The IAC may be in your $100 range and easy to replace the MAF I'm sure is more $ but just a s easy to do. Always check for vacuum leaks and the air filter with any driveability problem. Also, poor battery votage can cause all sorts of problems on computer controled cars. Computers, low voltage, faulty input - faulty output. I would start with a charge and test of the battery and charge system. Hope this helps.
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thanks for the replies

i am looking for a letter we got from mercury. there was a recall for stalling i think. it said to disregard if sysptoms were not present, but now they are.
also since the towing was free i had it taken into the shop. they said they recovered 7 "codes" and something about a bad intake or gasket. also the low coolant sensor is bad but looks like its part of the coolant tank.
does anyone remember the wording of the recall letter?

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Don't have to have the letter?

You don't have to have the letter. But the Recall number is 04N02 fuel delivery module (Fuel Pump).
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thank you for the info !

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