Replacing ignition switch....


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Replacing ignition switch....

I've got a friend in my church that says her ignition switch went out. It's a 92 Caravan with a 3.0L engine and 140K. I've got a Haynes manual but it says that after 1990 I should have a dealer look at it cause of the airbag and gives no instruction on how to replace it. My question is:
Is it the same as pre-airbag with just an airbag? If not can someone tell me how to do it? I be most grateful.
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We do not advise DIYers to attempt any repairs involving air bags. It can go off with the force of a stick of dynamite.
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I think you can replace the ignition switch on this model without removing the airbag or steering wheel.
just remove the upper and lower steering column covers and the key and tumbler and the ignition switch can both be serviced from there.

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