car wont turn over


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car wont turn over

my car was working fine till the other day i went out to start it and it wouldnt turn over at all. my lights go on and everything electrical works but it wont even click or make any noise. help me please
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Check the basics,

you'll want to check for any blown fuses, inside the car and under the hood (does not apply to all cars). Check both the battery cables, make sure that they're clean and tight. Check the wires at the starter, make sure that they're connected and tight. If you have an automatic transmission, make sure that you're all the way in Park, maybe try nuetral too. Manual, make sure that the clutch pedal is pushed all the way down.

You may want to try a jumpstart or charging the battery.... it might help.

Also more information such as model, year, engine size/type would help us.

Have you been having any other problems before this?? Do the headlights dim when you turn the key to start?? Do you have a factory or aftermarket alarm system or remote start system??
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my car is a 92 crown victoria

my car is a 92 crown victoria and the lights dont dim when i try to turn it over
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Did you try all the things Desy said to do?
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started wont start

a few days ago i went out and i turned on my windshield wipers and turned the ignition and it started. it ran like that and started everytime until lastnight when everytime i started it the check engine light would come on and now it wont turn over again. so i really confused on why it would do that. help please
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The starter motor seems a logical place to look.
You can short the positive terminal on the starter with the engine block and see whether the solenoid is working (assuming you can even reach it !)
The solenoid sometimes jams if the starter shaft is bent (unlikely, but possible).
If its not working then there is no juice getting to the starter.
If it is then it might be the brushes on the starter (do they wear out anymore ? The Lucas ones used to).
You might check the plugs first.
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