wipers park anywhere


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wipers park anywhere

My '94 Taurus is becoming a full-time job and money sink. This month I replaced the ps pump, turn signal switch, belt and both idler pulleys.

Two days ago, the wipers started parking at random spots. Both speeds and intermittent work. When on intermittent, the wipers stop at the bottom as always and if switched off at that point proceed to the top of the cycle and stop. When fast or slow is switched off, they will park correctly about 1 in 20 tries.

I can buy a rebuilt motor for $70 plus tax. Attached to the motor is a plastic box that I assume if full of contacts like a typical relay. Should I pry this open and look dirty or worn contacts? Maybe I can clean it up or bend some contacts. I would like to know if any one has tried this.

Yesterday I noticed the coolant bottle was dry and coolant is leaking out of the water pump weep hole. Today I noticed the brake light no longer comes on when the parking brake is applied.
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just to ease your worries on one aspect. I dont think the brake lights are supposed to light up with the parking brake. otherwise your brake lights would drain your battery when you park.

focus on that water pump first though, and keep that fluid reservoir full in mean time.

Windshield wipers: it may be something as easy as a bad solder joint on your windshield controls, who knows. If it were mine, I would try to get a used one at a salvage yard or somewhere.
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I would just replace the wiper motor and the waterpump.
check and make sure the wire is still connected to the emergency brake switch if it is unplug it and runit to a ground and see if the brake light comes on could be a bad switch, burnt out bulb, or maybe just unplugged.
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What year ?

Replace the wiper motor,and water pump. How many miles does this car have on it? As for that light not working on the parking brake do what (bejay says).
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