New problem with Auto Trani--Help


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Angry New problem with Auto Trani--Help 95 ford escort 1.9L with autotrani had a code 622...bad SS2 solenoid in would only go forward in 3rd gear...reverse worked.
I checked solenoid restistence and yes it was shorted. Pulled the valve body and ONLY replaced the 2 SS2 solenoids.....I did NOT pull apart the valve body....I also changed the filter and new fluid. Started car in Park....let it warm for a few minutes then put into R...heard trani pump with fluid then a "thump! Now find car wants to go FORWARD while in REVERSE!!! Also when I put car into PARK, while the car does not move....the torque converter now seems locked.........when you rev the motor it is under a "load". So I pushed car out of garage and took for a ride. Car now starts off in 1st.....then shifts the 2nd.....then when its time to go to 3rd she shifts to NEUTRAL and the engine car slows it catches back to 2nd gear so I ca only go about 25MPH. When I got home I scanned the codes and no error codes. So lets now only goes forward in reverse and car now has no 3rd gear shift and the torque converter is always under load.....even in park but car does not move. HELP......what could I have done wrong??? All the solenoids and wires are idiot proof!! HELP!!!!!!!!
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Did you find any little silver balls in the old fluid?If you didn't they probably got tossed with the old fluid.I'm not a Ford tech but every Gm tranny checkballs fall out when the valve body is removed and need put back in place and held in with transjel.Did you replace the valve body gasket?
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Look at the gaskets

Look at the gaskets,I don't think they have any balls that would fall out.
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Talking Call me a JACKASS..............

Well........I knew there was something that didn't smell right. I went back to look in the Mitchells manuals and I'll be damned..........there is a sliding plunger that needs to be aligned with the transmission shift gear pin while in reverse!! When I first loosened the valve body and it lowered a bit, I saw the end of this shaft was not engaged with anything and thought it was some kind of weighted valve or something. What pisses me off about the mitchells books is that under diagnosis where I focused on my problem it told me how to take apart the valve body. In a totally different area concerning service, they talked about removing and replacing the valve body and thats where they talk about aligning the plunger with the shift pin. Well.......dropped the pan/mess for a second time........aligned that baby...........juiced her back up and actually runs/shifts so dam smooth I can't even believe it!!! So for $85 in solenoids, screen, gasket and fluid plus about 4 hours of my time....she's as good as new!!!! God Bless the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even though its a Jap trani)

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