question on brake lights


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question on brake lights

I have a 1994 honda civic and yesterday after having a flat tire repaired and my batt. drain I noticed while qetting a jump that my brake lights are on contunisoually. so when I am driving an press on the brake pedal there is no change in the light even when the car is powered off the bright brake lights remain on any help would be great.


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brake light switch

Check brake light switch probbably stuck on.unplug it and read it out with a meter also check for proper adjustment.It should be hooked to the upper part of the brake petal might have a spring on it I am not sure about Honda.
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Honda tail lights

Once again thanks for the info it was actually a rubber groment that was placed in the brake pedal arm. This hard rubber was broke and had fallen out of the hole so the relay button was not getting pressed in allowing for the lights to turn off. So I got a flat head bolt and placed it into the hole put a nut on it and like magic it was all working again. cost = nothing thanks again

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That's quite common on those imports.

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