Where to get codes for decoding???


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Where to get codes for decoding???

I had a module installed by an independent garage. The dealer would not give them the code for resetting the (airbag) light to stop it from blinking on the 94 mazda 929. Is there somewhere else I can get this information??
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Try a local popular body shop because they do air bag work all the time.The light could still be blinking because the repair was not performed correctly or diagnosed properly.I hope you didn't install a used module because it may be no good from water intrusion,accident or a one time vin# part.
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I beleive you were supposed to store the ID data in the scanner before replacing the module. Your probably getting a "U" code from a communication error. Bite the bullet and let the dealer reprogram it. You'll be pulling your hair out if you don't.
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Guilty, I gambled on a used one. And you are right, I either got a bad diagnosis from the dealer or a bad used module; or both which wouldn't surprise me. The dealer said the airbag diagonostic module needed replacement; with taxes the module was $666.24 plus 150. That's pretty steep for me making 13 and change an hour.
After the independent garage installed the used one he couldn't clear the code. I was told later by a parts person at the dealer that it should have cleared automatically for that model (94 mazda 929).
Initially the airbag light was blinking three times and a pause. After three or four starts since the used module was installed it went off for one start and then started blinking ten times and a pause. The number of blinks are codes but I don't know what they are.
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Yes, you are right too. I would bite the bullet if I had teeth to do it! But then I would probably just be driving a new something else. (See my reply to Davo). Not trying to be sarcastic because you have been helpful in the past. Just trying to add a little humor to a frustrating problem that has nothing to do with the running of the car but is preventing getting it inspected.

I don't know what the guy did in the way of installing the used module. I think all that was done was to disconnect the battery unplug two harness (electrical connections), unbolt, remove and replace the module. I had to reset the clock and it had only lost about 10 minutes.

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