93 Aerostar check engine light


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93 Aerostar check engine light

I did my own flush and fill, and later discovered I did it incorrectly. Turns out I didn't flush and drain the whole system, so when I thought it was empty and refilled it with 50-50 mix, the coolant system was actually mostly water. Drove up north, and next morning started it, but heat guage maxed after 15 minutes warming up, and I blew rad hose just arriving at garage.

They did flush and fill , replaced rad hose, determined no other leaks, said water pump fine, and temp guage was OK, and van ran fine. (Still not quite enough heat in van, but that's another story).

For past few days engine light's been going on intermittently. Van stalled twice in past 2 days (both times while stopped and shifting into reverse) Never happened before. Otherwise runs perfectly. Oil pressure/charge/temp all fine.

I'm wondering if headgasket may have cracked while I drove it to garage (when engine was VERY hot).

What are the chances, and how can this be tested?

To Sum up Events:

Wrong flush and fill
Temp gauge maxed
Blew rad hose
New flush and fill
Check engine light intermitt. on
2 stalls

Thanks for reading my long thread.

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A blown head gasket wouldn't usually put the check engine light on. Take a look around and make sure they didn't leave something unplugged when they did the flush, like maybe the IAT on the intake box. If no luck, have the codes read and post back with the number.
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93 aerostar engine light

Thanks, I'll get it checked. In the mean time, I'm still not getting steady heat. Temp gauge reads low normal, blower works fine, new thermostat was installed (192 degree rating). Heat goes from warm to lukewarm, tends to be warmer when I drive on highway. Could it be an airlock? Or a failing heater core? Does a failing waterpump present this way? I checked the hoses to the core and they're both hot.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time.

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Check the Blend door?

Check the operation of the blend door. You should be able to hear it close from COLD to HOT.

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