Keyless Entry / Vats ?


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Keyless Entry / Vats ?

bought my lumina used and it only has 1 set of keys.
is a dealer the only place for a key? my local 1 said
the key would cost $32.00 ouch !

also i didn't get the keyless entry remote. dealer checked the vin and the car WAS equipped, the remote is just missing.
he said he could supply one for around $70.00 seems steep when tv remotes go for $10.00 or so

are there any aftermarket ones that work with the existing system that may cost less?


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I think the only place you can get the key is a Gm dealer and the price sounds about right.
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thanks for the replies

thanks for the info !
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I've seen locksmiths provide them in the $25 range but i think you then have to reprogram your receiver.
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I have a 99 Buick Regal with the PassKey ignition. Local locksmith says he can make keys for $25, Buick dealer wants $43. Sorry, don't know anything about the remotes.
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programming for a lumina keyless

here is some instructions if you buy a replacement remote or a used one from ebay or somewhere:

Open the rear compartment lid.
Pull aside the right side compartment trim in order to gain access. Refer to Compartment Side Trim Replacement - RH Rear in Body Rear End.

Use a jumper wire with alligator clips in order to ground the RKE programming connector. The door locks will lock and unlock. This action indicates that the RCDLR has entered the keyless entry transmitter programming mode.
While the programming connector is still grounded, program each of the keyless entry transmitters, one at a time. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously on the first keyless entry transmitter. Hold the buttons for 10 seconds. The door locks will lock and unlock. This action indicates that the keyless entry transmitter has been programmed.
Repeat Step 4 for the remaining keyless entry transmitters. You may program as many as 4 keyless entry transmitters.
Remove the jumper wire from the RKE programming connector terminal.
Verify that the keyless entry transmitters operate correctly.
Install the right side rear compartment trim. Refer to Compartment Side Trim Replacement - RH Rear in Body Rear End.
Close the rear compartment lid.

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