First Oil Change

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First Oil Change

I am soon to be an owner of a 2005 BMW 530i. The maint. schedule for oil changes is determined by some on-board sensor, but generally the owners manual states aproximatly every 15,000 miles. My father-in-law who is a self taught shade-tree mechanic has said that I should change the oil at least 3 times before the first 3,000 miles, and then every 3,000 miles afterwords. I understand that this milage can be extended by using synthetic oil (which the BMW does come with). I guess my basic question is: when should I first change the oil, and then, is 15,000 realistic, or should I change it more often even if the computer doesn't say it's required.

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Today's engines are so well machined compared to 30 years ago. The only reason for the 3,000 mile recommendation is of the additives breaking down in regular oil. Todays synthetics last longer, way longer. 100% synthetics will probably go longer than the 15,000 BMW suggests. IMO, I'd do the initial oil change after a 1,000 miles then follow the manufacturers guidelines. You won't hurt the warranty by doing it more often. Once the warranty is up, maybe consider 7,000 miles between oil, but til then, do as Beemer says and your car will be fine. Of course if you drive it hard, go more often (5-7,000). And I'm sure someone else will have a different figure. I'm saying this from taking auto mechanics in school for 3 years before deciding to become an aircraft mechanic. Nice ride your getting, by the way.
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With all due respect who do you think knows more about your new car, your well meaning father in law or the engineers that designed the car?
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Food for thought:

Manufacturer maintenance intervals are influenced by the total cost to maintain over a period of time. Longer intervals translate to lower operating cost. This is used to show lower operating expenses as compared to their competition.

The longer intervals will get them through their responsibility (the warranty) without any problems. After that itís yours and they would like to sell you a new car because your current one worn out.
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Toyotaman is right on. Manufacturers extend interval just as far as they possibly can. The best treatment you can give you car is frequent oil changes. Their mininum requirement is just that, a minimum requirement. I've always beleived in 3000 intervals but 5-7 with synthetic would be fine. I agree with the first one at 1000 also.
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Thank you all for your advice. I greatly appreciate the information.
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Oil Changes

I keep cars about ten years before I get rid of them. Change oil every 3000 miles or so. Never had an engine that burned excessive oil when I sold it, or had a major engine failure with any brand of those vehicles. One of my former engines is now powering a ski boat and it had 100000 miles on it when it was removed from the 1976 Chevy it came out of. The friend who bought it didnt have to do anything to it.

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