Ford Taurus 97' camshaft position sensor


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Ford Taurus 97' camshaft position sensor

Hello everyone. I have just purcased a 97 ford Taurus and have been driving it for about a month. Two days ago, the check engine light turned on and i have a carchip, so i checked the trouble code, and it told me the camshaft position sensor "A" is bad. I reset the code and it came back on immediately. My question is how hard is it to replace one of these sensors. Will i need any extra tools or a DMM? Any help offered will be very appreciated. I have performed much work on older cars without obd. I am new to the whole working on obd cars. Thank you!
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This may help you out I don't know if you need more info but if you do ask.In the future always state the year/make/model/engine size/trans type you forgot the engine size.Also please do not bump your post to the top.Your question will be answered by a moderator or one of the regulars on here which are all experts on automobiles.We do have jobs and they must come first before volunteer work so be patient.
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Camshaft Sensor?

This sensor is located were the distributor would be. Replacing the sensor may include replacing the synchronizer which is the part that the sensor mounts to. You will have to inspect the synchronizer and make sure the window is not bent up. Mark the synchronizer at the engine block and also mark the synchronizer window on the intake manifold. Or you could get the tool to set to synchronizer. Set the engine to TDC (top dead center) the tool on the synchronizer and install. Then install the camshaft sensor.
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Thank you both very much for your answers, I really appreciate your help. Sorry about the bump, most blogs advise a bump, i did not realize it was unnacceptable. Unfortunately autozone is blocked by websense for me at work.What is the easiest way to set tdc on a taurus with a 3.0 standard bottom of the barrell engine? What exanctly does the camshaft position sensor do? Is a syncronizer a costly part? Is there anything else i should look for while i am in there? Will it be easy to tell if I need a synchronizer or not? And where is this tool that you speak of commonly found? Is it a common tool? Once again, thank you all for your help.
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The cam sensor itself is just a small plasit cap held in by 2 screws. The synchronizer is actually the housing that accepts the sensor. This entire assembly is mounted where the distributer used to be. It's job is to synchronize the fuel injecters. As Hogfan stated, be very careful if you disturb the synchronizer portion of this assembly. If it is not marked very precisely, it takes a special tool to get it back in the right position and you'll have a hard time even finding one. If you mess it up you'll have a never ending check engine light and driveability problems.

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