97" jeep grand jerokee


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Question 97" jeep grand jerokee


could use a little help her if anyone can help me, i have a 97" jeep grand jerokee. fullyloaded, when i turn on the headlights at night, the dash lights are dim. then out of no-where, they will flash bright then stay dim its very intermittent. but they are usaully dim. i have hit the dash thought maybe its a bad connection or something. still no change. bumps don't matter still stays dim. might go bright then dim again very spuratic pressed on fuse panel. no change. vibration doesn't change anything either has auto headlights
anyone know. thanks for your help (6cyl.) also intermitent wipers don't intermit anymore just low-high & off.don't know if its just coincidence or not?

sal spat
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There should be a brilliance adjustment on the dash somewhere. It's a variable potentiometer and could be dirty. Try adjusting it rapidly and see if that helps. If not you could have a problem with the circuit board for the dash cluster but since banging didn't change anything, I lean toward the adjusting knob.
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hello thanks 4 your reply i have tried the potentiometer slide... it slides up and down still no change.. would this also cause a problem w/ the intermitent wipers also? the dash problem is driving me nuts. thanks again

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I had the same problem before with the dash lights and it was the alternator, but also, when the dashlights got dim, the headlights would get dim ,dome light would be dim, power windows sometimes moved up and down slower than normal, wipers would be a low speed on the high speed setting, and alternator output was a little lower than 12 volts. The low charge warning lamp wasn't coming on. If your headlights are getting a little dimmer at the same time the dash lights are, check the alternator voltage. It should be about 2 volts higher than the battery voltage.
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thanks kindly jeff i'll give it a try i'll check the altenator voltage asap

thanks again

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