99 Taurus - intermittent tone/hum/squeal.


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99 Taurus - intermittent tone/hum/squeal.

This is a '99 Taurus wagon with standard issue V6. Lately I'm hearing an intermittent tone/hum/squeal, a little over 60 cycle freq, and am wondering what's the cause. It seems to be speed/RPM related, always above 20mph and at various speeds. Since it's never there at idle, it makes for difficult isolation/diagnosis.
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Noise Vibration and Harshness

How did you determine the hertz or frequency just curious? Hoot - a steady low frequency (50-500hz) sounds like blowing over a long neck bottle. Drumming - (20-100hz) rhythimic noise often accompanied by a sensation of pressure on the ear drums,also described as a low rumble,boom or rolling thunder. Roughness - a medium - frequency vibration, a slight higher frequency (20-50hz) than a shake.This type vibration is ussually related to driveline components.
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Check the tyres to see if there is the same amount of tread between front and rear pairs. If not this can cause a rumbling noise.
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Sounds like I seriously underestimated the frequency of this "noise". It's closer to that of the old fashioned police sirens - starts with a bit of a warble then steadies. Some days nothing then it'll kick in around 50mph while, others, it's there as soon as you pass 25mph. No alternator symptoms - electrical load makes no difference but, from what I've read, anything involved with the serpentine belt could be suspect.

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