Noisy lifters


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Noisy lifters

My '83 El Camino, with 305, has fairly noisy lifters and I'm wondering if any of that magic stuff, in bottles or cans, is any good. Marvel Mystery Oil was always good to my airplane engine. Would it do anything to quiet those lifters?
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I have had good luck with changing the oil and substituting 1 qt. of Rislone for 1 qt. of oil. If the lifters are noisey from varnish build up due to neglected oil changes this will help if the problem is not to severe.

The lifters could be so varnished up that they need to be replaced.

If this does not work you may need to have the valves adjusted. If the engine has been worked on before the self locking nuts on the rocker arms may have loosened up over time. If they are not stiff to turn they need to be replaced.

I have seen rocker arms and the pivot balls wear and cause a valve to be noisey.

In some cases the press in rocker arm studs will start to pull out of the block and have to be repaired by pinning them in or installing screw in studs. This is not real common but it can happen.
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The Marvel Mystery Oil works well also
I've had good luck with that and Rislone
But of course the rest of what car nut says is also true

BTW I like adjusting the rockers on the 305s, and if they need it maybe it's a DIY project

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