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looking at maybe buying a 2005 chrysler 300c

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01-04-05, 03:28 PM   #1  
looking at maybe buying a 2005 chrysler 300c

what can you tell me about the motor/running gear and electronic's on this car? interested both in the 300c and 300c hemi.
Haven't owned a chrysler product in years but know the base car components can't all be redesigned? ,,, or, are they?

Any issues to be aware of with anything built into the car or componenets used?


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01-04-05, 07:28 PM   #2  
Not to degrade, because Chrysler has made some good reliable cars. They have also had more than their share of duds. However in my opinion overall they rank near the bottom of the list in overall quality from my experience and what I read. Not long ago they were denying warranty claims on a certain motor on the basis that the owners had not been changing their oil as required. The real problem turned out to be a defective design in the crankcase vent system that caused the oil to turn to sludge in short order. I think someone may have had to sue them to get their attention.

If you want a well built reliable car you need to stick with those with the best overall track records for quality. I won't suggest these are in any order but Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan & Infinity are reliable with Honda & Toyota probably being the best value when you consider cost, maintainence, & resale value.

GM, Ford, & even Chrysler are much better than they used to be but I think they have a ways to go to keep up with the others.

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01-05-05, 12:55 AM   #3  
Thank you for the input carnut.
A couple years ago I traded my beloved big block suburban for a Ford Taurus SHO. Fun to drive and fast if driven that way but I could tell it wasn't a Volvo.
Took some serious work to sell the car, my saving grace was it being in the "magic (lucky) '93-'95" year span when reputation had Ford as not messin' too much with things (horrid trannies among other woes ....)

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01-05-05, 07:20 AM   #4  
Do homework

You can find alot on the net about the car you want just go to GOOGLE and type it in.You will find owner reviews and what they like and dislike about it.Also consumer reports is a good source.Ask your friends heck you can just ask anyone that you see that has one in a parking lot.
But check it out before you plunk down a big chunk of cash.
IMO I like the way they look but looks and a dollar will not get you very far if it is in the shop alot.
The Dealer will not tell you anything negative.

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01-05-05, 12:14 PM   #5  
Pretty good looking unit, but Chrysler products still worry me, even though this unit is "supposedly" Mercedes Benz" lineage. Another concern is buying the first year of any new unit, give them a year to shake out the bugs.
Best place I've found for auto info is edmunds dot com. They have threads on every aspect of every vehicle made, it's very similar to this site as far as helpfulness, it has owner feedback and INVOICE PRICING by model and accessories.


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