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security system

Not sure if this is the appropiate forum, but here goes. I took my 1997 Pont. Grand Prix to the shop to have the ignition wiriing replaced, (forget the actual name of peice) Anyways mechanic had to disconnect security system as this was wired into what he had to replace,everything works now except the sec sys and when I asked why the mechanic said he didnt know how to wire it back. My question is dont they have to fix it even if it means they send the car to another shop. It worked when I brought the car in.
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It is usually the shops responsibility to return your car in the condition it was presented.

Unless they stated before hand that it needed to be removed and they were not going to reinstall it.
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I would assume that this is an aftermarket security system?
the mechanic should of marked the wiring and hooked it back up the same way it was disconnected the only reason to leave it disconnected is if it was in someway causing electrical problems or early failure of the part that was replaced.
if he didnt bother to mark the wiring so it could be reconnected you may need to see another shop that is familiar with your brand security system or find the wiring diagram or directions that came with the security system to get it hooked back up correctly.
the shop doesnt have to fix it, but should make every effort to satisfy you the customer if they wish to keep you as a customer. that being said if they dont know how to hook it up or dont have access to a wiring diagram for your brand security system. it will likely have to go to another shop and you may be able to get compensated for the cost through legal action if the shop is not willing to pay for the repair.
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I don't reconnect remote starts or aftermarket alarms either but I state it up front before the repair is done.Wiring has to be damaged to install them and your car already has a security system so why do you need 2.I would think it was an ignition switch that was replaced.If you expect something like that reinstalled also expect alot of extra labor dollars on the bill for the techs time.Also consider the possibility that the aftermarket system caused the failure of the other part and that is why it was left disconnected.
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...i've removed more of those things then i've installed which is zero. there's a reason for this...
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Hello Techs

Thanxs for your responses. I think it was Davo that said my car already has/had a security system....where? Are you talking about the radio theft thing? MY system is a viper and allowed me keyless entry as well as alarms when the car was tampered with...orginally the car had none of that. Also since the changing of ignition wiring the SRS light blinks 6 times each time I start the car, could someone please explain that. As to being told the sec sys would be disconnected at the time of service no one said anything... I "discovered " that it did'nt work latter that day when I went to set the sys.
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The "chip" in the key is part of the security system but there are others.Remote keyless entry is not a security system but could have been installed from the factory as an option.Content theft deterrent is also an option.The srs lamp should flash 7 times and go out if the system is operating properly.So I guess you found another thing the aftermarket part was affecting.I do find it interesting that the srs lamp wasn't on all the time or was it?As for being told up front that is my practice at my shop.I don't try to hide anything you will know what you are getting when I work on your car.They should have informed you as to the fact they were not reconnecting it,so ask them why.
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Thanxs Davo for the info, with what you have said and I see you are GM cert. I will leave the system disconnected. Sure the mechanic will be happy, don't understand why HE never gave me this info. As to the SRS light I think it always blinked 3 times at start up before the system was installed, and it is possible that it blinks 7 now, guess I will pay better attention. Again thanxs so much for the info. Have other issues with car but will do that in another post. Thanxs.

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