i'm baaack..damn oldmobile...grr...


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i'm baaack..damn oldmobile...grr...

hi all. i'm back! car's been running great for the most past since i replaced the fuel injectors. however, there is still 1 more problem. this is something that has happened before but assumed it was part of the old idling problem, hence fixed by the fuel injector replacement. i was at a stop light, and all of a sudden my rpm's went NUTS..from 1000, down to 500 up to like 1200...and my car lurching back and forth although i was at a standstill. it was very very strange. both my digital rpm readout near the speedometer and the numerical readout on my driver's informational system went haywire. not sure what this could be. i pray not related to the guys who fix my car last or they will no longer have testicles .lol...anyways...any help, as always would be greatly appreciated. you all were absolutely wonderful last time and i admire and respect your knowledge. have a wonderful day!!!
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Sounds Like sludge problem tru some air intake cleaner and clean the throtal body and idle motor
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how often does this problem occur and what does the digital readout do when the problem occurs does it black out or other symptoms does the speedometer increase speed while at a stop?
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this problem occurs maybe once a month at the most...the digital readout..the bar just goes up and down very quicky all the way up from about 1300 down to 400 or 500 and then back up...like a see saw almost. once i get going again, then the rpms go back to their normal running speed. for some reason, i have all these problems occur when my car is in drive and the brakes applied. the speedometer stays steady at zero when i'm at a standstill when this problem occurs.

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it may be difficult for any shop to determine the cause of the problem when it only occurs about once a month you could see a shop and have them check it all over including cleaning the throttle plate if needed as mentioned above and checking base idle speed adjustement these have likely already been done by the previous shop, but chances are they will not be able to find out the cause without actually seeing the problem while it is at the shop.
if the service engine soon light came on even briefly then it should have a code stored in the computer wich will help to narrow down the problem circuit.
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what do you mean?

that the numerical readout in the DIC went haywire? please describe as is almost sounds like a bad ground or poor/intermittant B+ connection somewhere. i don't think it sounds much like buildup in the TB, altho if it has some it's a good idea to clean and adjust minimum air rate. it may abe a failing TP sensor...it should be eliminated with a graphing multimeter or labscope

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