1992 Honda Accord hesitation/shudder

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Question 1992 Honda Accord hesitation/shudder

The problem is with a 92 Accord LX automatic with 123K miles. It began as an intermittent hesitation / shudder on light acceleration from about 1700-2300 rpm (when warmed-up). When it did this, I could give a little gas, it would down-shift out of that rpm range and run properly. Naturally I figured that this was the tell-tale symptoms of the infamous "clogged EGR ports", but after a couple of weeks of driving it this way, it began (yesterday) bogging a little outside of the given rpm range (like when I gave it gas to down-shift). The check engine light is not on, so no codes sent. Today, it began cutting out / bogging randomly, idling rough, and the only thing that seemed to make any difference was if I floored it, and after some rough and sluggish acceleration, it would eventually cut back in. Still, no check engine light, and it only does it once the car has been driven for a few minutes.

Could this still be egr? I would think that would result in low-speed symptoms only, but then it does still begin at low rpm, it just doesn't always go away once it reaches higher rpm's. As far as the check engine light goes, I read somewhere on the 'net that EGR port blockage will not trigger codes on these cars.

The only problems with other cars I've had, with similar symptoms to this, (just to give an idea what it feals like) was an intermittent injector (1 of 2) on a tbi Chevy 350, and a bad leading ignitor on an RX7.

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The check engine light is not on, so no codes sent

Just because you don't have a check light doesn't mean there are no codes, you have to check for codes.

Any good Detective always interviews all possible witness to the crime.

Why wouldn't you ask the ECU that watches certain things if it seen anything?
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Lightbulb 1991 Honda Accord EX-R Wagon (automatic)

1991 Honda Accord EX-R Wagon (automatic)
Nice to see someone else who has the same/similar problem I've had for quite a few years. I don't think mine is as quite as severe but pretty close. I've been to three different trany shops, all not sure what could be causing the problem.
I also found out about the EGR port Honda service bullitin. Applied the fix (ports were plugged, I can fill you in how I did it if you like) which provided a slightly smoother acceleration improvement but the main problem still persisted. Also did a full tune-up and changed trany fluid (yes I used Honda fluid, drain plug had minimal filings).
I have checked the ECM for codes even though no light was on and no codes where present.
One thing I did do, wich made the problem go away, was unplug the lock-up torque converter. This obviuosly made the "S" (sports mode) light flash and log a code, but the shudder whent away!! Most of the shops I've spoken with say that this will probably put the ECM into "limp mode" which disregards many of the sensor outputs and will make fuel economy suffer as well as potential overheating. I don't drive in this configuration, it was just a test I tried.

Any other ideas?
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Shudder might be due to mount.

Mount behind the radiator fans. if you pull the round flap on either side of the top of the mount you will probably find it broken.
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Rough Idle

Clean the IAC (Idle Air Control) port with throttle body cleaner and change the PCV valve.
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OK, let me start with what it isn't. It isn't a plugged EGR passage. That will give you no noticeable driveability issues besides pinging or spark knock. It's nothing to do with the IAC or a motor mount either. The poster stated the symptom went away with a downshift. It really sounds like a secondary ignition breakdown. The most likely suspects are cap, rotor, wires and plugs but the coil can't be ruled out. The fact that it clears up with higher RPMs makes it look "load" related, although that overdrive shudder theory is interesting.
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Nothing New To Me

No Check Engine Light? No Code? What your problem is, is that you have a damaged head gasket and excessive oil is leaking into you cylinder. I had the same problem with a 1992 Honda Accord Lx.... what a coincedence.... what you need to do is have your local shop look inside there check that, if im right you will need to replace your spark plugs and the gasket, and its probably a good idea to go ahead a replace your cap, rotor, and wires. i think the reason the limp ecu mode makes it clear up a little is that the ecu is no longer trying to control the air/fuel ratio for economy and it is letting more fuel/air into the cylinder...... at higher rpms it would make sense that its not going to bog down becuase the oil doesnt have time to build up excisseve amounts in the cylinder like it does a idle speeds.........

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