Need help with my brakes


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Need help with my brakes

I have a 1993 Ford Explorer with about 85.000 miles with a 4.0 engine every time i press the brake pedal it some times feel like it want to touch the floor the Master Cly is full of brake fluid can someone help me out
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I would suspect a bad master cylinder but there is an outside possibility of an ABS problem causing that also. It's very hard to isolate which without just changing the master.
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Does your car have ABS

Without starting your car.
Pump your brake pedal 6 times fast then hold the pedal down and see if your master cylinder holds pressure.
does it leak down with time or anything.
how far is it from bottom.
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need help with my brake

my Explorer do have ABS the light on the dash board does light up but not all the time and my brakes were working good when ever the ABs light would come on and their no leak no were i pump the brakes 6 times and the brake pedal is about maybe 6 inches from the floor give r take some

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