Help with '88 Cavalier wiper arms...


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Help with '88 Cavalier wiper arms...

I bought the book on my 88 Cavalier recently. I know abolutely nothing about cars. But I need to get to the motor for the wiper blade arms. When you turn on the wipers the arms do not move but you can her the motor trying to move something. I had the impression that maybe a link was off or gear or something. But the book doesn't tell me how to remove the wiper blade arms. It seemed to me until I get those of I can't get the panel off to access the motor. Any help? Would this be expensive if I took it somewhere to get it done?

Also off topic, we tried to get our oil changed, but the place said they couldn't mess with it cause the oil pan has a dent in it. I know the car leaks oil. Is it easy to change out the oil pan? Or is this something to go get done and it is expensive as well?

Thanks for any help or advice. Take care and God bless!
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It depends on which style arms are on your car one has to be pried up on below the pivot.The other if you lift the blade will have a keeper that only needs to be slid off to the side then pry off gently. This keeper will hold the blade off the glass if you have done it right.

the oil change problem your having is probably because they are cautious it may not seal when the plug is reinstalled and they just dont want to be responsible. Try changing it yourself but have a new plug gasket ready incase.
Good luck and God bless you also.
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