95 Escort Clutch Problem


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95 Escort Clutch Problem

Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with my '95 Escort LX 5 speed.

About a year ago, I had gotten a new slave cylinder put in for my clutch and it worked fine for like 8 months. about 4 months ago, I started having to pump my clutch pedal to get the pressure back into it so I could shift. It wasn't too bad at first, but it gradually grew into more and more pumping. I've tried bleeding the slave in hopes that it would solve my problem... and it did. For about a day. Now my poor car has been sitting in my driveway for 1 1/2 months. I'm tired of screwing with it.

Have any of you had any similar problems? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Are you seeing any leaks? Have you ever ran the master cylinder dry? Since air is easier than fluid to move in a hydraulic system somewhere you are pulling air back into the system every time you release the clutch. If there are no visible leaks the master cylinder is suspected.
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my 2 cents

From past experience I find that if you replace the master or slave cyl it is best to replace both.Seems like you replace one and in the next few months the other goes out.I would venture to say that is what is going on here your master cyl is NG.It might be bypassing inside past the seals.
Was your clutch fluid black when you replaced the slave?
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honestly, I'm not sure how the fluid was doing. I took it to a local shop to do while I was at work. When the pumping madness started happening, I noticed that the fluid was black then. When I took it into the shop, I could have sworn that they were going to replace the slave AND master. But when my dad and I got looking under the hood, the slave was new, but the master looked all rusty as if it hadn't been replaced. Do you think it'd just be the best bet to go ahead and throw a new master onto it?

Also - there weren't any leaks evident
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I would

I would do that there is not much to the system that can go wrong.You have the master the hyd lines and the slave thats it.
Good part is the parts are pretty inexpensive.However I would go for a quality part if you have a NAPA close I would buy it there over Auto Zone.Also get some good brake fluid and bleed it till fluid comes out clean.If you do not have one already get a flare nut wrench for the connections so you do not round them off.Also a Napa part or Sears.
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A problem with a slave or hose would be evident. The problem with the master wouldn't be so obvious. Change the master and flush the fluid.
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Alright. Thanks guys. I'll definately have to do this.

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