negative ammeter, jump problems


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Question negative ammeter, jump problems

Hi there, heres a wierd 75 Wag ammeter shows ~just barely~ negative with engine off, when running with lights, heater on it goes more negative. I finally drained my battery and when I jumped it WITH THE KEY OUT OF IGNITION the motor started to turn by itself. Obviously somehow the juice is getting to the starter. No previous starter issues, belts are fine, all connections looks OK, has newer battery. Did have 2 heater hoses break/leak all over the place back by the firewall, could it drip down and "short out" the starter? Voltage Regulator bad? Starter solenoid bad? Multiple problems?
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75 wag? is this a jeep wagoneer? if so does it have a delco(gm) or autolite(ford) charging system? Antifreeze wont short the starter anymore than driving through a water puddle will.

Is the solenoid on the fender or on the starter?
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Yes, sorry it is a wagoneer, dont know which brand of charging system...there is a small black dohicky on the fender between the + battery cable and the cable running down to the starter...there is also a small wire from dohicky to ???
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Originally Posted by letrbuck
..there is also a small wire from dohicky to ???
Ignition switch. That small wire is the trigger to engage the starter. Next time it cranks without the key, unplug that wire and see if it stops. If not, that solonoid is bad. As for your chgarging system, you need to check the alternator and any draw from the battery with some manual equipment and stop trusting that dash gauge. They aren't all that precise.
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