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What should it cost (labor & material) for a remote starting system for a 2000 Mercury Marquis?
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I cannot tell you how much installing a remote starter will cost but this I can tell you. In the mechanics forums I deal with daily I have noticed many problems associated with remote starters and DO NOT suggest installing one.
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The price for installation will vary by area and manufacturer of the remote start.The biggest cost comes from the ongoing problems caused by them such as other electrical problems of no start,stalling,headlights inop or parking lights inop the list goes on.I had a pickup truck towed in that had a remote tailgate lock installed and wouldn't start.Removed the wiring and replaced a fuse and good to go.Most of the aftermarket electrical stuff is of very low quality and should have stayed in China in my opinion.I will cast a vote of no don't do it on this.

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