Freezing In Alberta


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Freezing In Alberta

My wife was driving our 1997 Grand Caravan with air conditioning. Off and on over the last few months the blower would not blow. However I could feel heat when the defrost was on. This morning in the back of the van the rear blower was blowing and blowing heat then stopped after a few minutes. Which has also worked off and on. Could this be a relay problem or a short.
Pease help fast as I am now driving the van!! By the end of this week it is to be in the -30's.
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check the realy. it's like a rheostat that has coil wire on it.
there 3: low,med,hi
there usualy found on top of the heater under the dash. remove the glove compartment liner inside
hope this helps

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off post...i know, but is a relay like a rheostat?

to the poster...take a test light and start at the blower motor what it's not working and trace backwards thru the circuit. to do this effectively, you'll need a wire diagram and something to tell you what the locations of the various components is. it's not a short...a short will blow the fuse. it's likely a bad connection somewhere common to both blowers. perhaps a connector not completely seated together...or because the blower draws alot of current, sometimes connectors get distorted from heat and cause intermittant connections. so you may have to unplug the appropriate connectors and visually inspect them. if you happen to find one like that...cut the wire on both sides of the connector and splice in a new piece of wire of the same guage or larger...solder and insulate using heat shrink tubing.
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I agree with carguyinva its most likely a bad connection. Looking for these connections is simplified by looking for melted connectors or ones you cannot pull apart(because they r melted inside) Good luck
Oh and how come its gotta have heat now that your driving it???
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Thanks to the three of you who replied. I will try tonight to fix my problem. if it takes me all night.
Thats not the reason why I need heat. It may sound like I only want heat because I am driving it; but thats not the reason. As soon as I get the blower problem fixed I will pass the van on to my wife. Your not the only one who thought this though!!
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just a quick not. it was too cold to try and look for the problem. However on my way home that night my lights flickered including my dash lights and radio. this happened a couple times on my way home. Ever since then the blower in the back and front have worked perfectly. I am sure this will come and bite me in the a#* ! Once it warms up I will look for the connections. I just don't want to snap any of them due to the cold temperatures.
Thanks again

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