90 Prizm - Easy Starter Removal


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mr mojo...re- rubberoid

thank you for your response............i have a flat roof...plywood
deck...looks like maybe 4 sheets tar paper over it..then originally hot
tat...some gravel over it.............had developed a leak....have
removed the tar and gravel (and paper) from a 4 ft section (ready to cut
the 4 ft sq of plywood out......replace plywood........
am thinking...just tuck tar paper (4 layers i guess) under edges of
existing roof...cover with fibered roof cement and/or tar...some new
gravel.......however..had heard of this rubberoid stuff...........can
you melt that with a small propane torch...or would that not provide
enough heat?.....or just use the tar paper as above...
thanks again for your insight....
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90 Prizm - Easy Starter Removal

I need to replace the starter on a 90 Geo Prizm. It is buried. Can someone who has done this numerous times give me some hints as to how to get it out without disassembling the whole engine compartment?

Tips please?? (I have replaced starters on other cars that were in plain view from the top or bottom)
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You need to remove the air cleaner box. Upper and lower.

Next their is a harness blocking access to the upper bolt.

The starter exits along the axel and out the right side fender well.

It helps to have a hand holding the starter from the underneath while you start and tighten the top bolt. Start the bottom and then the do the top bolt.
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Thanks Toyotaman - Followed your excellent advice and got the starter changed out. Both tips on (1) removing the air-cleaner boxes and (2) sliding out the starter along the axle were invaluable. Again, thanks.
Paul RS

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