diagnose fan going off


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diagnose fan going off

It is really cold out right now (25F) and my fan keeps going off when I turn off my car. It doesn't always happen, but can happen after a very short drive like today after about 1.5 miles. It was run before that drive about 4 hours previously so residual temperature isn't an issue. However, even though it was a short drive my engine temperature gauge was close to the halfway mark. What could the problem be? Is this a thermostat issue?
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Why is that at problem? The thermostat is designed to restrict the water flow to bring it to operating temp faster. That's what it's supposed to do.
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If its not a problem, fine, but it seems like something is not right with the fan turning on in the middle of the Wisconsin winter for only a short drive. I am no expert on cars. If anyone sees a problem I just would like to hear about it.
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The only thing I can think of is that the fan is turned on and off by a temperature activated switch, that can be affected by air in the system, causing steam pockets. If you are concerned you might burp the cooling system and see what you get.
Another idea is to use an external thermometer to test the coolant temp when the fan is on****Note: if you try this, let the vehicle warm up with the radiator cap off, since the psi would cause the coolant to spray when releasing the cap on a hot system. Checking the coolant temp when the fan turns on and cross referance it to the manual on what temp it is supposed to come on, you could just have a bad switch.

I hope this helps you
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more info would be helpful...

...some cars run the fan after the key is off...some don't. at any rate, unless the compressor is on (A/C or defrost selected) no fan runs until the coolant temp gets high enough (unless it's a hydraulic fan like a lexus)...usually around 230 F. you need to define what it's doing better as you may or may not have a problem.
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