water damage


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water damage

I was wondering if I could get any ideas on the amount of damage my car may have sustained, due to our accident last night. We slid on some ice and the car veered off the road into a ditch/creek that was quite deep. The entire car was submerged for about an hour and a half. The hook guys pulled it out, and the lights were barely blinking, and oddly the wipers were on. The lights went dead after a few minutes. What type of things should I look for when they do the repairs? Any info would help. That water was really cold.
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have it check my your local estimator for damage cost.
most insurance company will tell you where to have it check.
When you do tell the estimator this is for your own estimitate not the insurance company.
They have a tendance to say less when it's an insurence appraseal
hope this helps

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Obviously there could be major electrical plroblems. Any material in the car that can absorb water is also now going to be much more likely to harbor mold. I agree with pgtek that you're going to see your costs greatly underestimated by the insurance company. I would proceed slowly and cautiously.
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I'm glad you're OK
But there isn't a good way to tell about the car from here
I'd kinda be suprised if the insurance co. doesn't total it (salvage title)
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If the car was under water it is junk except for body parts.Your insurance company will agree.We had a major flood around here on 9/17 and I only know of 1 vehicle that wasn't totaled.I got stuck fixing it and it stunk bad and always will.
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ok,thx guys
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be very cautious

Even if the car gets up and running you will be in for lots of problems "down the road". Many components will have their life span shortened dramatically.

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