running poorly cavalier


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running poorly cavalier

Having a problem solving a poorly running 96 2.2 cavalier. running very rich. It bogs down on acceleration. Been to two repair shops with no results. Has new coils,new ignition control module wires and plugs. recently put in rebuilt transmission. I'm stumped. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. B.G.
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You need to find out what the fuel pressure is during the failure by driving with a guage hooked up and taped to the windshield.You also may need to check exhaust backpressure if the fuel system passes.An exhaust shop can do that for a small fee.I would hope the fuel and air filters have been changed already.Are any codes stored in the pcm?What are the exhaust gas readings that lead you to believe it is running rich?If you could read MAP sensor readings it may be helpful also.
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cavalier troubles

thanks for the reply. No codes are showing. havent checked the fuel pressure as I dont have the equipment. I was thinking about the cat conv maybe plugged. there was a recall on the fuel injectors that are stamped with the code D195 on them. will look at those. kinda dissapointed that two mechs could not find anything.Thanks again Davo P.S. Car is getting about two miles to the gallon. Plugs are soaked with fuel. heavy soot from exhaust when reving engine.

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