Jacked Up my 4x4?


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Jacked Up my 4x4?

Is it possible to screw up a change on the fly 4x4 by changing a tire?

I have a 2002 NIssan Pathfinder w/ change on the fly 4x4.

I swapped out a flat tire w/ the spare the other night and since then it's been making some seriously heinous noise while in 4x4 mode. Sort of a high whirring noise and pulling in the direction of the spare.

The spare tire is a regular sized tire and not the exact same size as the other 3. Think it's a R225 while the others are 255 if I remember correctly.. .so I'm hoping that's it. All 4 tires have a little over 40psi in them as well, even though the 3 have a max of 55 and the spare has a max of 44.

Hope that's enough info. Anything you can tell me to understand or diagnose would be great. I'd like to know as much as possible before I head in to purchase a replacement tire. Don't want to get taken.
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If the tire you put on the car was of a different diameter, you could have damaged your transfer case. The sophisticated 4wd & Awd systems on newer vehicles are very sensitive to tire size. That's why the tires have to be rotated and almost always have to be replaced all four at one time. Tires with the same size stamped on the sidewall but with different amounts of wear on them can have substantial differences in tire diameter. To put anything on the vehicle other than a temporary spare that's a different size is probably going to cause trouble. I don't know how sensitive a Nissan is, but I know the newer Subarus need all four tires to be within 1/8" diameter of each other.
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I think you answered all you own questions!

All the tires have to be the same!

Set you tire pressures to the owners manuel or the tire placard in the door or glove box. Don't use the sidewall pressure.
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Thanks for the replies fellas.. what I'm wondering then is if I've damaged this transfer case will replacing the spare w/ the original sized tire aleviate the problem or am I now lined up for forking out a hefty sum of money to have it fixed?
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either way

Either way you will have to put on the right size tire so just put it on and check it out and see if the damage has been done.
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Thanks.. *crosses fingers*

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