HID lighting question


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HID lighting question

I live in Kansas and just bought a new vehicle. I really want to convert the lights to HID headlights but I keep seeing every where that they are for off road and show use only. Where do I find the HID kits that are street legal? I know there must be some since I see Lexus and Mercedes with HID lights... Any help or info would be great!!!
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The HID system is only legal factory installed in my area and possibly many other states if not a federal law.The kits you see in auto parts stores is a bulb to make it look like you have HID when you don't.True HID has a ballast and a headlamp arc tube and are about $700 per side and up plus labor.That is why they appear on higher end cars where a few extra beans won't cause sticker shock.You also need to be careful when working on the system.On a side note I don't like them because they bother my eyes and some local police have told me the same thing.They say they have no problem writing a ticket for the aftermarket kits because of that.
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Like Davo said there is a lot to the system and probbably will get you a ticket.
However you can buy a bulb called a Sylvania's SilverStar Xenon for better light.Just keep in mind to not exceed the max wattage that the stock bulbs have or you will damage the wire harrness.
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I recently purchased the Sylvania Silverstars. The light is definitely whiter and brighter but definitely NOT HID- like. So if the blue-white light is what you're looking for, you would be dissappointed with the Silverstars.


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